Friday, May 16, 2008

I hated the back of a plane...BEFORE KIDS.

We are making our annual pilgrimage back to our birthplace here in a couple of weeks, so I went on-line today to make sure that the airlines had not changed plane types or something else that would have resulted in our seats being reassigned. See before children I hated the back of the plane and now I covet seats about 3-4 rows from the back. Why?

Well, for starters traveling with one child in diapers and one child 95% potty-trained having a bathroom within an arm's reach is a major plus. A lot of the larger planes lavatories are even equipped with changing stations. Definitely board early and go check it out. If there is not a changing station then, if you can, wait until the crew has finished their service and kindly ask if you can change on the galley floor. I have not been turned down yet. Just be courteous and ask for a trash bag, place your diaper in it, and then into the trash in the lavatory. Do not hand your soiled diaper to a flight attendant.

Another reason...that flight crew I just mentioned for a couple of reasons. They have all the beverages, an easy reach for more apple juice, hot water to heat a bottle, or an extra pack of pretzels. And the flight crew are people too and many with their own families they are apart from, so we have found a lot love to talk to, play with, and even hold the children.

It generally takes us a little extra time to ensure we have everything...checking the seat pockets in front of you so we are in no rush. And those few extra minutes allows the ground crew to bring your stroller up, if you checked one, and a lot of times they will even set it up for you on the jet way.

And lastly we find it a bit more relaxing (if you don't have a tight connection) you do not have a crowd pushing behind you to get off the plane which generally leads to the added bonus of the excited toddler/preschooler getting some face time with the pilot or even a trip to the cockpit.

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