Friday, July 11, 2008

Buy Closeout Winter Gear NOW & Save BIG!

It was a scorching 110 degress in NorCal yesterday and the sun burned a bright orange and I could barely make out my neighbor's house due to all the smoke in the air. So with the unhealthy air advisories I was stuck indoors, so I turned to a past-time so many of us gals OK, I wasn't browsing on-line for a new pair of sassy shoes, but perhaps the bargains I did find will allow me to do that. See I was cruising the gear sites for the 2007 close-out winter items.

My family is major skiers which already is an expensive sport. And we do it enough it makes sense we have our own gear. But now add on top the fact you are turning over gear nearly yearly with growing children...and my hopes of buying gender neutral items so they can be shared between my son and daughter is being quickly being extinguished by the fact that my boy is off the charts in height right now and his little noggin is up at the 90th.

So tis the season for ski gear shopping...especially those items that are redesigned on a yearly basis. Retailers are pushing these out the door at bargain basement prices right now to make room for the new models.

So major score yesterday...via Sierra Trading Post...a Giro Recruits Snowsports helmet for $27...regularly $60...on sale for $34.95...and then I had a 20% off promo code. Always, always do a google search for promo codes for the site you are looking to buy from. While we are on the subject the best site for helmet info is

So I know it sounds really crazy when everyone is hitting the pool to be shopping for cold weather gear, but now is the time to score the bargains. Check out my gear on the go links for some good retailers and do a little shopping for your upcoming ski season needs now and save big!

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