Friday, April 3, 2009

Child Gets Intro to Go by Run

In the late 1990's when the tech companies were booming I got to travel a lot on an expense account. In fact 1999 is the year I not so proudly claim I ate my way around the world. After Europe, the Middle East, and Far East I had ballooned to nearly 190lbs. I'd like to think I carried it well...all be it a brick house, but it was a New Year's Eve photo that year that spoke the truth in volumes. Turns out I wound up being one of those rare people who take on the New Years Eve resolution to lose weight and did it.

I spent 2000 on a very popular group diet plan and in a gym with a personal trainer. But one part of the regimen there was no getting around was (drumroll please.....) CARDIO. Now I have always been athletic...skiing, basketball, etc.. But I noticed most of my cardio I got in sports were short bursts until a whistle blew or I reached the bottom of the mountain. If I really wanted to lose it...I would have to RUN.

I started out where I was comfortable....doing, then fast...medium....until I was fast all the time. By the end I was running sub 8 minute miles and had lost 60lbs. The summer of 2001 I even started running competitive races...and to my surprise finishing very well. Then in 2004 came the breaks...that would be pregnancy breaks. I actually ran well into my pregnancy. But after the child it was harder and harder to re-establish a routine. Then add a second child in '06...and it was really tough.

But last week when there was a warm afternoon and I took my kids for a walk on our private road and my daughter announced..."I love to run!..." and took off and before I knew it had run over a good quarter mile and was yelling at me to "Move it!" I knew it was time. Time for me to restart the run. Not only for me, but for my kids and to show them what healthy living is about.

So with spring also begins the myriad of running events available. You can find most of them listed at Active.Com And some really neat points to running is you get to go some really cool places to do it. So to get back in the groove April 1 registration opened for the Big Sur Half Marathon on Monterey Bay which will be held November 15. We have entered it with 2 other sets of parents. Not only is it in an amazing location with tons of things to do before and after the race...the Aquarium will take us the full day before for sure, but this event also includes a Kids Race.

Most kids races start at age 5. Some are timed...this one happens not to be and generally these are called "fun runs." It is generally the day before or before/after the main event race so a parent can participate with the child. Of course your child should be in good physical health to participate in any sports activity. But what a great way to introduce your child to new places and good health by going by running.

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