Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day 2 ... Diving

This morning I woke up with a rush of excitement! Today my Dad, our hostess, Foe, and I were going scuba diving. Dad was already awake and packing. I quickly changed into my swimsuit and went to join my Dad. Foe met us down stairs and we hopped in the car. We drove to the Westin. Lucky, Foe teaches at the Westin, so she helped us find our way around.  We would be diving with Cruz Bay Watersports  on their two tank morning dive.

We checked in and did some paperwork. Then we waited for a couple minutes for our dive master to show up. When he showed up, he introduced himself as Colin and took us to the boat. We got on and got introduced to two other men. We waited for a few minutes and they did not arrive. Finally we decided to leave. We sped away.We rode for maybe ten to fifteen minutes, If you do not like hitting bumps when on a boat, then you probably should sit out this dive. The boat ride was very bumpy.

Our first stop was "Cow". It is rated one of the top ten dive spots in the US Virgin Islands. The captain of the boat was very helpful in getting ready. After getting all my gear on I took a long stride into the water. I joined the rest of the divers. We began our descent. I luckily had no problem equalizing.

The dive was amazing! Though if you are claustrophobic, I recommend not going. We swam through coral and caves. It was beautiful. We saw so many cool fish, we even saw a turtle. Colin was great! He would bring up stuff for us to hold. We held a urchin that grasped onto your hand and a small squirming sea spider. My favorite part, going through the caves. I kept checking my air and dive time. I was afraid I was going to run out of air. Thankfully I noticed we were heading back to the boat.

Check out my dive video by ckicking...

Back on the boat we had a wonderful snack of soda and oranges. Then we rode over to "Ledges". As you guessed, yes, there were  a lot of ledges. I guess we were in a hurry though because I never got to enjoy them. Colin did bring up a brittle star for us. I kind of forgot what was on that dive because we moved so fast. I got really tired at the end. When we arrived back at the boat again I stuffed my face with orange slices. I was super tired.

We arrived back at the Westin and got in our car and drove home. All the kids and adults jumped in the pool. My dad brought a ginger beer home. He told me to try it, but I refused because it was "adult beverage" beer. He promised me it was not. I took a sip, and another, and one more, and a couple more. I asked to have the rest, it was so good. I fell asleep on the inflatable dolphin more than once, the dive was really getting to me then. We stayed in and had dinner. My favorite part about today was diving in caves and all the pretty coral.
My Mom stayed home with Alec.  The youngest you can get your dive certification is 10, so he is not there yet.  But he is asking.  Apparently she had to work a bunch, but she and Justin went into Cruz Bay with Rae and Georgia and had lunch at this great little Deli called Deli Grotto.  They have salads and sandwiches prepacked for grab and go as well as chips and drinks.  Or you  can order something and dine in.  They also have breakfast goodies.  Then they had ice cream at Moongoose Junction as well at a place called St Johns Scoops.  Just be ready with cash.  They don't take credit cards.


Unknown said...

I would have loved the caves!!

Unknown said...

I would have loved the caves!!