Friday, August 4, 2023

From Goats to the Moon to a Taverna Take-Over

Day 3 started with the most incredible swimstop at the island of Polyaigos.  The island is the largest in the Agean that is uninhabited, except for goats. In fact the Greek translation of the name is literally "many goats."  The waters were pristine and we anchored the boat right off shore and the crew proceeded to drop SUPs, completely clear kayaks, and a massive inflatable unicorn off the side of the ship.  We first donned our masks and snorkels to check out the underwater life.  Unfortunately we are spoiled on the Caribbean and other locations with much more colorful fish, but we swam in closers to shore where there was algae gowing in the warmer waters and found lots more fish than our first island right off the beach.  After a few hours we enjoyed lunch, including appetizers of grilled octopus and iced Ouzo, the anise-flavored apertif, on the boat and moved on to our next stop Milos.

Our research in Milos revealed we had to go to Sarakinko.The north winds have smoothed the white volcanic rocks into rounded surfaces appearing more lunar than earthly.  We grabbed taxis over as we hoped for some cliff jumping for the kids, including one where after you finish you swim into a large bowl.  The path down was obvious, but the area was vast, so the Moms hunkered down near a large mild swimming bowl and let the others venture.  Not more than another 1 minute walk away they found the iconic jump spot, but the swell was insane.  And the large bowl where the finish was had been turned into a washing machine set on a large, heavy load.  So difficult Andy had to actually rescue two girls who were getting bashed against the rocks trying to climb out.  Needless to say we did not allow the kids to jump and to be honest 4 of the 5 didn't bother to ask.  We would explore, take lots of photos, wade in the mild pool, explore a cave, and near sunset pack up and climb out to ring our taxi to take us to the Chora area.

This island we did not have a reservation, so we were a little stressed for our party of 9.  But we wandered into what seemed to be the main path and happened upon Archontoula.  We sent the Dads in and were quickly not only ushered in, but placed at a long table next to the other large group from the boat.  The staff was amazingly friendly and everyone found something to eat, including their recommended house specialty kritamo balls.  Delish!  But the best part of all they play a traditional Greek song at the top of each hour and it happened to be the same one the cruise crew had taught us to dance to the night before.  So when the song came on we all locked arms started swaying and clapping and the atmosphere kicked up about 10 levels.  The owner, we assume, who had appeared serious behind a large bar all evening busted out a large smile and started clapping.  It was the best advertisement they could have received that evening.  People were peering in every window phones aloft video'ing our crazy two tables of over 20 people.  And when we left the line for a table stretched deep into the Chora.  Definitely one of the trip highlights and the waiters even climbed into the rafters to photograph our tables.

More shopping and photos of cats and doors then exhaustion set in and we would call our taxi and return to the port for our ride back to the boat on our Zodiacs.  By the way the crew took very good care of us.  At each island stop one crew member stayed on land and took up residence at a local cafe to ensure we got on and off and on our way with all the info we needed.  Time to rest because the next evening after a leisurely morning would bring the insanity that is Santorini.

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Oh my cool. U were your own flash mob. I would love to try the "sea pickle." Love, Nana