Thursday, August 3, 2023

Quaint Sifnos & Kimolos

Everyone adjusted to the boat.  A few of the kids took non-drowsy Dramamine at dinner the first night, but everyone slept well during our first movement overnight. 

We awoke to the quaint port of Kamares on the island of Sifnos.  We even managed to make it upstairs for pilates with our bartender Eva at 8:30.  After a pleasant buffet breakfast with fresh fruit, meats, omlette bar, juice, coffee, and even the kids could order pancakes.  The ship had already used its wench to pull our Zodiac boats off the upper deck and we were a quick 90 second trip into the dock.  

Our choices were to get a car, bus, or taxi to the other side of the island to the capitol of Applonia or just hunker down on chaise under umbrellas right there.  We opted for easy and walked about 3 minutes to To Kohyli on the beach and scored 3 setups of a large umbrealla, two large cushioned chaise, table, and of course waiters.  Cost $20eu per set-up.  Unfortunately it's high season and they were not offering free with purchase.  A wonderfully shallow bay with warm water we waded and watched the ferry's pour in after an hour time.  The most exciting was when a massive ferry came barreling in and we seriously thought he was going to ram the beach, but they threw on the brakes and backed into the dock and offloaded hundreds of people and cars.  After about an hour and a half it was packed.

The kids and Moms enjoyed food right there on the beach...pizzas, ham and cheese baguette, crepes, and of course cocktails.  The guys however decided to venture to the recommended O Simos where they enjoyed parrot fish, chick pea soup, and mastelo (goat).  We meandered the shops and made our way to the dock for an early afternoon departure to Kimolos.

We enjoyed a Samba lesson with Mikel before arriving in Kimolos and having dinner on board right as we were docked right at the harbor and could walk on and off with boat.  We did have to time one thing which was a bus ($5eu one way) up to the main town.  We were not sure if we would go, but were lured with a music festival with free wine and appetizers.  We arrrived at just after 8PM and wandered the streets, stopped in some shops, a church and finally settling into a little bar outside the church for a drink after not locating the festival.  We ventured a bit more in search of it and did some more shopping, but no luck we opted to walk back down to the Harbor, about 15min, on a beautiful moonlit night.

We enjoyed a beverage on board and awaited others to return and alas one of the last groups in did indeed find the festival, which was much higher up than we were looking in a schoolyard.  But we had a wonderful evening and were ready to turn in as the next day would be a picturesque swimstop before heading onto Milos.

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Stargazer said...

Guess I'll get Ally and Avis to show me some new dance steps next visit. Love, Nana