Friday, November 21, 2008

Photo Friday: Ski Pass Time at Alpine Meadows, CA

My husband has been skiing since age 5 and I started when I met him. I was told if I didn't ski he would dump me during ski season. So bound and determined to hold on to this guy I started skiing. I feel in love with the sport as I feel in love with him. And now we are passing this love for the sport on to our children.

Normally the weekend before Thanksgiving we make the trek to Lake Tahoe to pick-up our season passes. This way the weekend after Thanksgiving when most resorts try to open we can walk straight to the chair and start laying down tracks.

Starting next weekend we will bid our home good-bye for 1/2 the winter and welcome again Alpine Meadows Resort as our winter home away from home.
Let It Snow!

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Anonymous said...

I started skiing at 8, my mom's been doing it since like 2. but i've stopped like 12 years ago, it's just too cold and too much work. but i do remember the joy of it. my mom is dying for my son to get a bit older so he can join her!
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Jen said...

Ski season already? My goodness! It is just now getting cold down here in the "deep south"! Enjoy! My husband can't wait to hit the slopes!

Anonymous said...

I love the snow, so I'm jealous that you get to spend half the winter in a great snow destination!
We like cross-country skiing, but never get enough snow here to go very often...consequently, we're not very good at it.

Anonymous said...

How lovely to be able to leave your day-to-day life behind for a little while and enjoy the snow!