Saturday, July 12, 2014

Early Departure From Israel

On July 8 we had everything packed up and we were ready for a day of fun on our last day of Israel. It didn't quite work out that way. That night we went to bed and slept soundly for maybe 7 hours. I woke up startled by the sound of our pictures we had drawn over the weeks to decorate our room getting torn off the wall. Once my eyes accustomed to the dark I saw Mom pulling them down. It was 5 in the morning! What was going on? Mom told me that something happened that made Dad and her decide we needed to leave today. I gathered up the rest of my things and dressed to leave. Soon we got in the car and drove to the airport. Mom said we had to switch flights and we would stop in Istanbul and then on to France.

When we got to the airport we stood through 4 lines. Ben Gurion has the best security in the world.  Our bags were scanned like normal, but we also were interviewed about our visit.  While in the lounge we heard an alarm go off and a lady from the lounge said we needed to go to the shelter.  This alarm meant an "air raid" which means they believed their were missiles headed in our direction.  We gathered our things and ran to the door, but as we reached the exit another lady told it was a "mistake."  

So you may wonder why all the missiles and our need to leave quickly.  It was because three Israeli boys had been kidnapped hitch hiking back from the settlement areas of the West Bank.  Now here is the age old problem...Israel and Palestine have been fighting over this territory for a long time. Unfortunately the boys were killed and sadly someone killed a Palestinian boy for revenge.  So now as people say the "old wound has been reopened" and the fighting has started again.

Finally we got on the plane. After two hours we arrived in Istanbul. Turkish airlines was great and made our worries go away.  It had TVs in the seats! Our next plane flight they served us Turkish delight.  I always wondered what these tasted like after reading Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe as Edmond asked for them when he first met the White Witch.  IT WAS DELICIOUS! Finally we arrived in France!

Like I did with Italy I will make a list of all the words in Hebrew I learned ...

Toda-Thank You
Manishma-How Are You Doing
Sababa - Good, Cool, Great
Ha-chat - 1
Shta-im - 2
Sha-losh - 3
Arbah - 4
Chamesh - 5
Shesh - 6
Sheva - 7
Shemonah - 8
Tesha - 9
Eser - 10
Abba - Dad
Boker Tov-Good Morning 
Lilah Tov- Good Night
Ma?- What?
Yom Shabbat- Saturday
Yom Shi Shi- Friday  
Cos - Cup
Nesher - Eagle
Canyon - Shopping Mall

I can only pronounce these.  I can not read or write them.  If you remember I told you Hebrew has a difference alphabet, they read and write from right to left, and often leave letters out of words.  Here's a link to my pronouncing many of the words listed above.

I would like to close by saying I hope all our friends in Israel are safe and our hearts are with them.
(Surf Coach - Itay and his family and loved ones)

(Carmin and her family and loved ones)

(The Levy Family and loved ones)
(Maya, Guy and their family and loved ones)


Jeanne Bedwell said...

Ally---I am very relieved that you are on your way home. Following your blog has been such a pleasure. You have a great "eye" for things of interest and you are a talented writer. Jeanne Bedwell---Salem

Unknown said...

So glad you have safely departed and have a great time in Paris!!!! Love, Grandma

A. Jolly said...

Dear Ms Bedwell,
Thank you for following. Daddy told me that you were his English teacher.

A. Jolly said...

Dear Grandma,