Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tide Pooling on the Mediterranean Sea

Dad worked really late last night, but today he didn't have to go to work until noon.  So we decided to do something as a family in the morning before he left.  Instead of going to the beach and building sandcastles we walked north from our apartment and went exploring.
The shoreline is different there.  Instead of nice warm sand there were rock outcroppings.  Perfect we thought for tide pooling.  We wore our shoes that could get wet...our Keens.  We quickly found out the rocks were slippery when Alec fell.  There was slippery moss on the rocks.
It took us a little while to find something interesting.
The first thing we found was a small rock pool with three snails.  We picked them up and they climbed all over our hands.  They stuck on our hands pretty well with their foot.  Did you know they have a foot?
The next thing was found by my Mom.  It was a crab.  In fact it was a Mediterranean Shore Crab. Did you know they can walk forwards, backwards, and sideways?  This along with their flat shape allows them to hide quickly in the rocks.
Next Dad found a pool full of shrimp.  These shrimp were somewhat yellow, but mostly clear.  We think it is related to a shrimp I have at home in my fish tank in my room.  It is called a ghost shrimp.  When I stuck my hands in the pool they did what shrimp always do...they started cleaning my fingers by nibbling at the dead skin.  Shrimp pedicure anyone?  It felt really neat.
I am looking forward to visiting the tide pools again before we leave the Mediterranean Sea.  By the way do you know the difference between an ocean and a sea? A sea is smaller and surrounded mostly by land.

Take a look at a map and you will see...Ha! Ha!  Get it...see a sea.


Christine King said...

I love, love, love tidepools! They are one of my favorite places to explore. One day, when the tide was really low at my favorite beach, I was able to walk out further than ever before. I found a fluorescent green sea urchin that was about eight inches across! Next time you go, try to plan for a very low tide and you may see amazing things:)

A. Jolly said...

Dear Ms King,
COOL! Sea Urchins are so interesting.
Next time I will.

blythe said...

hi! it's great to see your last two posts and get a really good idea of where you are and what you're doing. sounds like you all have settled in nicely and gotten some good exploring in. The sea looks gorgeous with it's crystal clear water. enjoy the weekend!


p.s. i'm curious how you learned the italian phrase that included officer and ticket ;)

Stephen Ewry said...

Glad that you are having fun and learning new things.

Paul Jolly said...

Interesting day at the beach. Love shrimp and crab meat. Catch enough for dinner. You'll love it!!! Ha!! Ha!!!

Christine King said...

So sorry Ally...I meant a sea anemone!! Urchins on the Pacific coast are purple! Oops, better edit my posts a little more carefully. I have to set a good example:)

Monique L said...

I love tide pools. There are a few down in Los Angeles area that my dad would take me as a kid. A couple of times when I've taken Astarra down to visit my dad, her grandpa, I've taken her to those same tide pools. And we had lots fun seeing all the animals that live in them.

I've finally caught reading your blog. Sounds like you are having some awesome adventures. Astarra has also been enjoying reading your blog too.

Astarra says, I'm glad you are having a blast.

Monique & Astarra

A. Jolly said...

Dear Ms King,
It is OK. I love them both. Cant wait for school.

A. Jolly said...

Dear Ms Monique,
Thanks for reading. I miss Astarra.

A. Jolly said...

Dear Ms Monique,
Thanks for reading. I miss Astarra.

Go Ravens! said...

The shrimp are so cool. I also like looking in tide pools. About how many shrimp did you find? What type of food are you eating and what is the average temperature there?
I am getting ready for Nationals for TaeKwonDo and just going to Derek's golf tournaments. We did a computer science camp last week which was a lot of fun.
When exactly do you get back? We need to play mine craft and also I want to show you a new game a friend of mine showed me, he lives in Kingsburg.
Ok write soon.