Thursday, June 12, 2014

Words I Learned In Italy

Today is the beginning of a long month in Israel. Mom is making us do school work. For my writing today I'll be sharing some of the words I learned in Italy with you. 

Thank you is grazie and your welcome is prego

Yes is si and no is no

If you are driving to fast on the road the polizia or police will give you a biglietto or ticket. 

Sometimes if an area is closed off the polizia will tell you non entrare or do not enter. 

Pane means bread. And it is best with olio or olive oil.

Acqua means water. I liked acqua frizzante or water with bubbles.

Chin Chin! Or cheers.

I like to bere or drink acqua and mangire or eat pane. 

Do you like to mangire a mela or apple? 

My Dad is a uomini or man and my Mom is a donna or woman. 

I am a ragazza or girl and my brother is a ragazzo or boy. 

Sometimes at a gelato shop, or gelateria, they have uno or due or tre flavors. Translated 1 or 2 or 3 flavors. 

Mom makes me get a piccolo or small. 

Now that you know these words you can go to Italy. Wait there is one more. Caio or Goodbye. 

Caio Italia!


Unknown said...

The Pollywogs miss you guys at swim. Love all the pictures!

A. Jolly said...

Hi Pollywogs..the Jollys miss the Sharkies and the Pollywogs as well. I'm sure the kids are swimming fast. We still plan to stop at Champs to visit and cheer you on when we come back. Hugs! The Jollys

Stef said...

Buona Gionata tutti,

Come sono i viaggi? Una meravigliosa esperienza per tutti.

Ciao Ciao,
Cucina Stefania

Stef said...

Cugina Stef

A. Jolly said...

Cugino Steph
Il viaggio รจ incredibile.
Manca casa un po '.
... abbiamo usato Google Translate