Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Time in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

When we got up that first morning we got dressed and headed to breakfast.   I ate a lot because I had a big day ahead of me.   I ate 4 pancakes, 2 pieces of toast, 1 croissant,  2 pieces of watermelon, and 2 glasses of sweet juice.   The restaurant was very cool because it was outside and looking over the river. 

After breakfast, we got in the vans and drove to a resort where bikes were waiting for us.   Dad and I had a little trouble at the start but we accidentally took a short cut and caught up to the group.  I had a little trouble because dogs kept getting in front of my bike.  But I learned that because people have no fences the dogs are on their property to guard it.   We rode by a school and a farm that was harvesting eggplants.  We also rode past rubber trees.  They get the rubber kind of like maple syrup.  They drain it from the trees and dry it to make rubber.   My least favorite part of the trip was when I got caught in a mud puddle and fell over.   Luckily after we biked in the smoldering heat, we got to go kayaking!  I went with my Mom.  There were some beautiful buildings along the way.  Almost at the end, two of the people in our group were pointing to something up on a hill.   There were elephants!   Finally after a long kayak ride, we pulled in and got off the kayaks.  It was just in time because it started raining.   After we left the beach, we all piled into two trucks.   The trucks drove us to the ‘Happy House’ (that is a word our group used for bathroom). 

After the break we got back in the vans and drove to lunch.  When we were eating lunch a huge storm started.  Luckily we had games to play like Mafia.  After the rain stopped we got back in the vans and drove to a waterfall.  This was no ordinary waterfall.  It was a seven level waterfall.  At the 7th level it looks like an elephant with 3 heads.  This 3-headed elephant is important because it is one of the Hindu God’s vehicle.  The elephant’s name was Erawan,which is the same name as the waterfall.  We started by hiking to the 4th level.  There were fish that nibbled at your feet at the edges, so it was hard for me to get in.   I slipped and bruised my foot, therefore I didn’t swim in that pool the rest of the time.  I watched people go on a natural water slide and get their feed nibbled by the fish.   We went down to the 2nd pool.  There were still fish!   This time I was eager to get in and cool off, so my Dad and I hopped in.   All of the girls were doing the ‘fish spa’, so I decided to stick my hand in.  I only got two nibbles but I was still proud of myself. 

After we got out and dried off we got in the vans and drove back to camp.  At camp, we ate dinner and played games.  We even made some new friends from Thailand!   When we were playing games, everyone was super crazy.   After playing, I went back to my tent with my Dad and we packed up to leave the next day. 


Unknown said...

Love behind the waterfall picture. Had no idea you could eat that much. I like fish nibbles. Love, Nana

blythe said...

Hi guys! I am catching up on the first 3 posts and love all the details and pictures!!! Thanks for taking us along with you for the trip - can't wait to see and read about what's next :)

Uncle Dan said...

Sounds like you all are having a wonderful time...I am really enjoying your stories...especially the fishy stuff...teehee!!!

steve said...

Did you fall off the bike and land in the puddle? That would be a funny picture!

Ann Van De Water said...

Impressive carbo-loading! Have you considered entering some eating contests?
Elephants in the wild sound truly awesome (And I do not use that word often as it is so overused, but that really sounds full of some awe!)

Doug and Carla Scott said...

Loved reading about your adventures and seeing all of the pictures. How fun!