Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cooking and Artisans....

     So happy...sleeping in!  Our driver would pick us up at 9:20 this morning with only a short distance to go to Champey Cooking School.

     Once there we met our instructor, Charley (not his real name, but his Khmer name was too hard to prounouce).  We were joined by another family from South Africa, but living in KL (Kuala Lumpur) with a daughter a year older than Ally.  We set off on foot around the corner to the local market to find our the ingredients used here in Cambodia in their dishes.  Unlike Thailand we weren't dealing in limes and it was amok pastes and more vegetables.  Alec did not like the market one bit...the smells and the sites of the wet portion (aka fish) as well as the chickens and literally an entire pigs head had him in tears.  Mom dusted baby powder on his scarf to help him with the smells, but the tears still rolled.  He claimed to be vegetarian after that.  We had to have a talk about food access, especially protein.

     Back at the kitchen we were geared up and off and cooking.  First up fresh spring rolls...which use simple water and rice paper wraps instead of the fried.  This is Mom's favorite.  Next up was our main of fish amok (except for Ally it was tofu and Alec was pure veggies).  And lastly was a friend banana dish that involved passion fruit, honey, and coconut milk.  YUM!  Our instructor was really good and we enjoyed the class.

     Kanha collected us afterwards and instead of dropping us at the hotel we asked to go to another Angkor Artisans location in downtown Siem Reap.  Here we got another tour and go to learn about carving in woods and various stones, also silver plating, and more.  They even had a chunk of soapstone for us to give it a try.  After a bit of shopping the wind was picking up, so we decided to hurry back to the hotel before rain set in.

     This afternoon was bittersweet as we had to bid Kanha good bye.  We hope we will see her again with her having connections in Folsom.  She's been a wonderful guide and we highly recommend her to anyone traveling to this area.  Here's her Trip Advisor link.  Knowledgeable, friendly, and flexible....great experience!
     Later that evening and Mom's stomach still a little on edge we went into town for dinner.  After all we haven't been to the famous Pub Street yet.  We enjoyed dinner at a little Le Creperie tucked back in another little alley.  After dinner we ventured out onto pub street...basically it is a street blocked off for only pedestrians (and tuk tuks) lined with shops, restaurants, and of course pubs.  People overload, including lots of strolling vendors.  It was good to check it out, but not our scene.
     Tuk Tuk back to our hotel and off to Ally's wish was coming true tomorrow, horseback riding in Cambodia.


Unknown said...

I love all the cooking you guys are learning. I'm getting more excited about visiting this fall. I really want to learn from you all. Wonder what the locals take for upset stomach? Love, Nana

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